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Ballet Introductie

Hiroshi Wakamatsu

Tweedaagse introductieworkshop.

For absolute beginners! You will learn the very basic elements of classical ballet. such as how to take basic positions, directions, how to use your foot, shoulders, etc. You can go through the 1 door into a beautiful universe of ballet!

Hiroshi Wakamatsu started his career as a professional dancer in Tokyo, worked with renowned choreographers and companies. Since his arrival in Belgium in 1996, he worked as freelancer for different projects in Charleroi, Brussels, Athens, etc. 

He joined Berlin Ballet Komische Oper in 2001 under the direction of Blanca Li, Adolphe Binder, worked with variety of prominent choreographers e.g. Amanda Miller, Itzik Galili, Rami Be'er, Deborah Colker, Marguerite Donlon, Merlyl Tankard. 

After the regretable dissolution of the company in 2004, he joined Tanzcompanie Giessen, worked with remarkable choreographers like Kim Olson, Natalie Weir, participated in Tanz Messe Dûssledorf, other different avant-garde dance projects. 

Came back to Belgium in 2007, he created his own dance company Compagnie Hiroshi Wakamatsu, participated in various dance festivals in Belgium, France, at the same time he kept working as a dancer for Listopa Dance in Antwerp, Compagnie Irene K in Eupen, participating in international dance festivals around the world. 

Benodigd materiaal

Draag kledij waar je gemakkelijk in kan bewegen. Je danst op softshoes, blote voeten of kousen.

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