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Sayujya Ravichandran

Bharathanatyam is an authentic form of Indian art with a very rich history. This art form originated in the southern-most  state of India – Tamil Nadu and is about 2000 years old. This aesthetic dance form involves three main aspects – bhava (expression), raga (melody) and tala(rhythm).
The great poets and musicians of the ‘vedic’ period composed songs and hymns in praise of the Hindu Gods namely; Lord Shiva, Lord Muruga, Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Devi, Goddess Kali and so on. The songs are incorporated with pure ‘jathis’ (steps) and little stories of the Gods and Goddesses in the form of a monologue or a dance drama.

The art form evinces a perfect blend of poetry and rhythm and is transcended into a visual treat by emphasizing on the footwork, hand gestures and facial expressions. A beginner of this art form requires patience to initially familiarize with the intricate hand gestures and its importance. A flexible body with good stamina will enhance the footwork learning. Also, the rhythm used in Bharathnatyam involves three paces – ‘vilambita’ (slow), ‘madyama’(medium) and ‘druta’(fast).

The workshop: day 1
 starts with a warm-up concentrating on shoulders, arms and legs.  Then explanation and demonstration of the basic postures and the adavus (involved in the sloka) and the involved speeds. Sloka meaning and concept. Sloka start. Ending the first day with a repetition of the postures and speeds.

Day 2: Warm uo, repetition of the previous session's basic adavus and postures, continuation of the sloka, concentrating more on the expressions involved in the sloka, final execution of the entire sloka.

Sayujya Ravichandran has been learning this artdance for the past 14 years. She is a noted dancer in the performing team of the famous Shristi School of Bharath Natyam. A passionfull dancer with devotion to the tradition of Bharata Natyam.
Sayujya holds a bachelor's degree in biotechnology and is currently pursuing a European master in Food Science, Technology and Business in KULeuven.

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We dansen op blote voeten. Draag kledij waar je gemakkelijk kan in bewegen.

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